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Our story

What it's like working at Channext

At Channext, not a single day is the same. It's a dynamic environment, where both our customer base and team are growing fast while we're revolutionizing the ICT channel market.

We're a group of energetic people, who have a curious mindset with the desire to keep learning and improving ourselves. We love the feeling of making things happen together and are committed to our common goals as a company and our personal goals. Work hard, play hard is our mantra, because what's the deal of having success without making loads of fun?

Five forces by Channext

Our core values to live by

⚡️Bring your Energy

Everything starts with energy. We show an undeniable drive and urge to challenge both ourselves and the outside world. If there's one thing that sets our team apart, it's our high energy and enthusiasm.

🤔A B C: Always be Curious

Forget about being invisible or travelling through time. Curiosity is the true superpower if you ask us. Our team members have a big appetite for knowledge and it's their curious mindset & interest in each other that fuels our growth.

👫We do it Together

Stuck on a task? Before you throw your computer out of the window (metaphorically speaking - please don't ever do that), ask a colleague for help. An honest and direct response is guaranteed when you work at Channext.

🤝Committed to Win

Here at Channext, we love to win. Our team members are bound to their (personal) goals, the Channext organization, and, most importantly, to each other. We have each other's back and feel responsible for the future of our company.

🥳Enjoy the ride!

We're really trying to avoid using the cheesy line "Work hard, play hard" - but we can tell you this: there is a lot of LOL'ing going on at Channext. Humour and having fun together is the secret to make sure we're enjoying this crazy ride.

We've got a really nice office

located in the heart of the Netherlands: Utrecht.

Channext HQ

Vliegend Hertlaan 65-67
3526 KT, Utrecht